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I got my final grades submitted with 40 minutes to spare and nearly three hours of sleep. Now all I have to do until Monday is prepare my syllabus, put up a link in the online section of my course to an online reading once the library puts the reading up, and make a handout on accessing online materials. Compared to the stacks of grading I've had sitting on my desk for about two weeks, that seems like nothing, even though it might take a couple hours.

Well, I met my first major grading deadline yesterday and my minor one today (for graduating seniors) with little difficulty. Usually I cut it much closer than I have been this semester. I finished the stuff for yesterday before 10pm the night before the deadline, which gave me the whole day to get the archaic grade sheet in to where it needed to be. I finished my Le Moyne seniors today with almost two hours to spare, and since Le Moyne is technologically up to date I didn't even have to leave my office.

I'm now about 40% of the way through my exams and papers (by number of people, and since they have roughly the same amount of work that's fair), and the final deadline for the rest is a little over 49 hours away. My grading to other things ratio will need to be a little higher than it's been if I want to make it to the one event on my schedule between now and then, but I'm now at the point where I'm moving much more quickly after grading an entire class of exams and papers that were virtually the same assignments that the class still to be graded did.



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