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Counseling and Idolatry

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Jollyblogger's arguing for a controversial thesis, one that I think is right. When I first saw his title, I expected an argument that counseling is idolatry, especially given his endorsement of Jay Adams books. Jay Adams really does believe that Christian counseling is evil, in my opinion from his lack of a good understanding of the doctrine of common grace and how all fields of inquiry into God's creation can come to a helpful understanding of that creation. I put it on the same level as those who say what I do by pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy is evil or the youth group leaders who kicked me and my brother out of their youth group who thought the rock band we were in was evil (they would have thought that even if we hadn't been in a thrash band, because they didn't think our progressive/alternative band was ok either). Jollyblogger is saying something much more helpful, though. The things people go to counseling over are usually due to some form of idolatry. That I can agree with.


By the way, my Jolly award now exists in electronic form, and I just have to figure out what to do with it. You can see it here. I'm displaying it proudly at the post that won it, and it's here now also.

Update: I had intended to link to my post on idolatry from back in June for those who may be working with a different account of idolatry, but I forgot. Here it is.



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