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This continues the Trinity Fellowship chronological sermon archive, from the 1978-2000 listing.

This is the chronological archive for sermons from Trinity Fellowship in Syracuse, New York. Most of the current sermons are preached by the elders of the congregation: Jeremy Jackson, Stefan Matzal, Doug Weeks, and Nathaniel Jackson (with Al Gurley preaching a lot of the earlier ones, as one of the three founding elders). Audio for other sermons by current members, former members, and guest preachers is included only if I have permission from the preacher.

With some exceptions, Trinity Fellowship preaches from the gospels in the winter, historical books in the spring, epistles in the summer, and prophets in the fall. In earlier years, the schedule was slightly different, and topical series sometimes occur in place of one of the others (but only once in place of a gospel) during a break between books.

This archive is ordered chronologically. To see them ordered by section of the Bible, see here. I've left out retreat talks and other recorded messages unless they were given on a Sunday or they were given in a series that included a Sunday morning sermon. Some of those left out can be found among the topical sermons at the link earlier in this paragraph.

Because of a post-length limit that I never knew this blog had, I had to split the archive into two pieces. I could have split it anywhere from 1999-2002 or so, and given that range it seemed best to split it at the century marker, so this post covers the 20th century, and the next post covers the 21st.


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