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July 4th Sermon

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One Hand Clapping has posted his sermon from this morning, getting into a number of themes from my post yesterday but also going in very different directions. I haven't looked at it carefully, but it looks good. Perhaps when I read it through tomorrow I'll have some thoughts on it.

Independence Day is tomorrow in the United States, and it's good timing for some thoughts I've been having lately. As my congregation has worked through the beginning of I Samuel and the founding of the Israelite monarchy in our sermons, I've had the occasion to reflect on the nature of government. I think there are two principles, which you might think of as being in tension (but not contradiction) with each other, that have a bearing on how we should think about our government today and how we should think about the 4th of July.

Posts at Jollyblogger and Beyond the Rim... also express in different ways the tension I'll develop here and how we need balanced between both principles without allowing either to remove the other.



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