Philosophy: June 2006 Archives

2.Thomas Aquinas(93%)
3.Baruch Spinoza(73%)
4.William of Ockham(72%)
6.John Stuart Mill(55%)
7.Jeremy Bentham(52%)
8.Immanuel Kant(51%)
13.Nel Noddings(30%)
14.Jean-Paul Sartre(29%)
15.Ayn Rand(28%)
17.Friedrich Nietzsche(16%)
18.David Hume(12%)
19.Thomas Hobbes (4%)

Ethical Philosophy Selector [hat tip: Matthew]

I've got a question for any philosophers who read this blog. I've encountered an issue that I know very little about and was interested if anyone knew the answer. Are there any views out there according to which there are natural kinds but something that is a member of a natural kind might cease to be a member of that natural kind and then be a member of a different one? I'm pretty sure Aristotle would never allow something like this, but I was wondering if any philosophers have defended such a view.

Prosblogion Profile

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I've finally got a profile on the Prosblogion site. So far it just lists my academic work, including teaching and research interests and then links to all the posts I've written at that blog. Most of the contributors have had profiles like this all along, but because I had my own blog my name in the sidebar has just linked to this blog. I thought it might be better to have the profile with a link within it to here, and now I do.



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