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Ash in the Wind

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Mark Roberts connects Ash Wednesday, Ecclesiastes, and the 1977 Kansas hit "Dust in the Wind" (which Mark wrongly lists as 1978). The song isn't even remotely representative of the group's symphonic and progressive rock sound, with its complex time signatures, textured and layered sound, and classically-influenced stylings mixed with classic American blues. Still, it's a well-done acoustic guitar tune with a nice violin solo, and the lyrics really are similar to some of the themes in Ecclesiastes. They were actually based on Native American poetry, but Kerry Livgren did later become a Christian, and now he does connect them to Ecclesiastes' themes. I find it interesting that John Elefante, the singer who took over for Steve Walsh when he left the group in 1981 and turned out to be a Christian, refuses to sing the third verse when he does the song live now. My guess is that he finds "nothing last forever but the earth and sky" to be blasphemous.



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