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Christian Carnival CDII

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The 402nd Christian Carnival: Mad Light Edition is up at The Bible Archive.

Christian Carnival CDI

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The 401st Christian Carnival is up at Revenge of Mr Dumpling.

Christian Carnival CD

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No, that's not Christian Carnival Compact Disc. It's not even Christian Carnival Certificate of Deposit. It's the Christian Carnival Carnage and Destruction edition! No, it's actually the 400th edition of the Christian Carnival, and "CD" is the Roman numeral for 400.

This carnival marks my last time hosting for at least the next 12 months, and it also marks my last official responsibility with the Christian Carnival. I've been finding too little time to schedule hosts. Even though I've finished my dissertation and will be defending it in 13 days, I've still got the massively time-consuming job market this fall, amidst trying to get some work published and get some papers accepted to conferences, and that's probably not going to be a lot less time than writing a dissertation has been. I couldn't hold on to this responsibility that I was doing a poor job with just because I'd been the one doing it for several years, so I've handed it off to Maryann Spikes, who has already done a great job scheduling for the entire next year. I'm going to remain around for those who are currently doing the work to maintain the carnival, and I'll continue to submit posts if I've written anything I deem worthy of submission, but I'm not doing anything regular in running the carnival at this point.

Some people have felt a little out of the loop lately, so I wanted to provide some links to where you can go for the most up-to-date carnival stuff. You can find the updated Christian Carnival hosting schedule (through next summer!) here. You can submit a post here (something of a Christian nature written during the week before the carnival, which goes up every Wednesday, for those unfamiliar with the Christian Carnival's submission requirements). If you're interested in hosting, you might have a long wait unless you can serve as a replacement for someone who backs out at the last minute, but you can see the hosting guidelines here. You can stay up-to-date with Christian Carnival goings-on at the relatively new Facebook page, which should be a good solution for keeping on top of things for those who have Facebook accounts.

Now on to the carnival. There are new categories in the BlogCarnival submission form, and I have argued on the Facebook page that they are far too narrow to cover even some of the main categories of submissions in typical carnivals (e.g. there isn't even a category for theology). So I've had to come up with categories that seem more precise, and I've opted not to use some of the categories that people used to submit their posts. Also, I like to include some unsubmitted posts every time I host, to give some exposure to the Christian blogosphere outside the usual suspects of this carnival, and I've put those at the end under the category Ringers.



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