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The 399th Christian Carnival is up at Jevlir Caravansary.

I'm hosting the 400th edition here next week, and then I'm done with any official responsibilities for the Christian Carnival. I won't even be hosting. I've cut out my weekly announcements, and I only link to it if I get something written and submitted in time for it to go up (my rule with carnivals generally). It's been hard for me to keep up with scheduling the hosts, and it's better left in hands that have a little more time to spare for this sort of thing. I'm glad to have played a hand in reviving it when the person running it disappeared off the face of the internet. (I did find out that she's perfectly fine but just got busy and quit her online activities cold turkey.) If I'm going to have time to devote to my blog, though, I'd rather actually write posts with content beyond just the ongoing project of putting my church's sermons online. It got to a point where I was struggling each week to get a chance to write something just to submit to the very carnival I was supposedly running, and every week or two I had to find new hosts. So I'm done with the Christian Carnival for now except to submit posts when I have them and to link to it when I've got a post in it. I hope that will allow me to spend a little more time writing posts that aren't intended for the Christian Carnival as well. We'll see.

You can find the updated Christian Carnival hosting schedule (through next summer!) here. You can submit a post here (something of a Christian nature written during the week before the carnival, which goes up every Wednesday). If you're interested in hosting, you might have a long wait unless you can serve as a replacement for someone who backs out at the last minute, but you can see the hosting guidelines here. You can stay up-to-date with Christian Carnival goings-on at the relatively new Facebook page.

The 127th Philosophers' Carnival is up at Ichthus77.

Apparently some people who are hard of reading have been misinterpreting my post, and Maryann has closed comments. I'll have to respond at my own post.


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