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Christmas Grading

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Grades are due in two days, and I still have about fifty 3-5 page dialogue papers and about fifty 1-2 page papers to grade. You know it's bad when I end up spending several hours grading on Christmas. I did manage to finish grading the exam I've been trying to finish up for the last several days (each day thinking I'd be done by the end of the day), and just getting that out of the way is enough of a relief that it felt restful to be grading.

I'm also relying on battery power until Wednesday when Dell gets me my new motherboard, although I'm grateful that we have an old computer that won't boot up but can still charge a battery that fits my battery. I still have to spend twice as much time waiting for my battery to charge as I do actually using the battery, but it's nice to get a recharge when the wait for next-day service turns out to be five days because of Christmas.

Combine that with everything that's going on for Christmas, and I'm not getting much time to put any decent posts together. More serious blogging will have to wait until Wednesday to resume, I'm afraid, after I get my new motherboard and hand in my grades.

Update (Dec 26, 1:55 pm): I guess the Dell service company that's been assigned to my computer is working today after all. The technical support guy on the phone said they almost certainly wouldn't be. So I've got my new motherboard in already, but it's got a gimpy wireless receiver. I can connect to the wireless in the room where the transmitter is (but I can also plug in directly in there). If I'm downstairs I have to plug in a wireless card to get a signal. But at least I have power now, and I can use the wireless with Sam's old Cisco adapter in rooms where the internal one doesn't work. So I'm back up and running enough to work and just need to get through 38 more papers before I'm done grading. Grading has also been going more quickly today than I'd expect, so normal blogging may return a little sooner than I'd predicted.



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