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No Really Does Mean Yes

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Sophia has been learning all sorts of words, and she's using them in the right contexts. She's long surpassed Isaiah in the use of words at the right times, though she's got a ways to go before she catches up to Ethan. She's well beyond where he was at this age, though, particularly with respect to asking for things. But there's one thing she just can't get. When we say the word 'yes', she'll repeat it, so we know she can pronounce it perfectly. But when we ask her if she wants something we know she wants or if she likes something we know she likes, she always answers quite emphatically, "No!" with a big smile. So all that feminist indoctrination I had during my orientation when I was an undergrad seems to have been just wrong. From the very beginning of their use of language, girls really do mean yes when they say no.

By the way, Sam's posted several pictures that I haven't yet linked to. Here are several of all three kids from about a month ago, all three kids on the couch, Ethan's birthday a couple weeks ago, Ethan's building projects last month, fun with dinner ware, and Sophia at 14 months in a storage bin.



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