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Sick and Searches

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I've been completed wiped out since late Monday night due to the nastiest cold I've ever had. I could barely move by Tuesday morning and slept most of the morning and part of the afternoon, and not a day has gone by without a nap since then. I never get to take naps even when I'm extremely tired (one key reason I got sick to begin with), so this is unusual. I also never miss class when I'm sick. I did so for what I believe is the first time ever on Tuesday, but I did manage to show up for two classes since then. I was barely there for one and had the students discuss in groups and share their findings with the class, and the second one was more like a normal lecture because my voice was improving by this morning (not that it stayed that way by the end of the class). I couldn't really avoid that, though, because this is the class that had already missed one session, and the reading was online, so they couldn't very well look at it and find things on their own without me. But the result is that this morning I was back at Monday's barely-ok-to-teach level, and now I'm back at Tuesday morning's barely-able-to-move level. So I'm hoping I can do tomorrow morning's class, though group work there again would be barely satisfactory if it comes to it. It just means I won't be able to do the more serious filling in of details I wanted to do after saying next to nothing last time, and what I said they probably didn't hear much of. Poor Sam's been sicker than the kids but nothing like what I've got, so she's had to handle them pretty much non-stop, since I've been in bed much of the time I've been home. The kids seemed to have gotten by with just some sniffles and coughs until Ethan threw up just now. At least now I know why he came home from school, crawled into bed on top of my back (which was facing up at the time), and proceeded to fall asleep. I really hope that's not some new bug that I could get on top of this, because I'll be in real trouble if I can't keep my medicine down.

Given all this, I've been barely able to stay on top of preparing what I need for class, and blogging much just hasn't been an option. My lucid moments when I can do more than just read others' stuff have been reserved for class prep and responding to comments. So that's why I haven't been writing all that much. My responses to Bruce came in one of my few lucid moments, and that was really a response to a comment. Very little else I've posted, even in comments, has really been much of a serious effort. But I can at least share some recent searches that came this way.

development of personhood by Lot The
Lot, as in the Lot of Genesis, Abraham's relative? Or does this have to do with drawing lots? Either way, I'm having trouble seeing the connection with personhood.

esv apocrypha
I don't think that's something you should put too much hope in ever seeing. I wouldn't rule it out absolutely, but it's extremely unlikely.

abortion causes autism
Well, if autism is defined as difficulty in developing socially and communicatively, then yes. Someone who is aborted definitely has trouble developing in those ways. If you are wondering whether autism in future children is increased among later children of women who have had abortions, I have no idea. It wouldn't surprise me, because it seems just about everything else that's really bad is significantly increased by such a violent, invasive procedure, but I don't have any specific information on this.

do italians and sicilians have black ancestors
I should think so, at least if they're not completely unrelated to every other human being in the history of the world. There's no information I know of that suggests a much more recent connection to African ancestry, but maybe I'm just unaware of it.


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I have a few potential posts I want to write, but things have been a bit busy around here.

1. I spent a long time troubleshooting a memory problem and then waiting a while for Dell technical support, only to find that once they've sent me my memory I still only have 128 MB instead of the 256 MB I'm supposed to have. It turns out one of the motherboard ports was bad in addition to one of the memory chips not working. I thought I tried every combination before getting off the phone with the guy, and I though both ports were working. I must have gotten things backwards in repeatedly turning the computer over to open up the bottom and then to turn it back on when done. Well, the new motherboard should solve a few minor problems that were beginning to annoy me as well, and it's nice to be operating at normal speed again. The nice thing about having a Dell complete care warranty is that they fix anything with no questions asked. I just hope they let me renew it when it expires in May. They're phasing this model out, and we're not ready to buy another computer. Sam's computer is already out of warranty, and they wouldn't let me pay ridiculous amounts of money to renew it for another year. Add to all this that my computer has been really slow lately due to the memory problem, and I've had to wait a little bit just to switch from one window to another. What's really disturbing is that Sam's computer is doing the same thing, and as far as I know she has no problem with her RAM.

2. We've finally begun our long-awaited attempt to make our windows less of a heat sink. It's good that someone who knows what he's doing is doing it, but we had to wait a while to get him. I believe we first talked to him before Thanksgiving. (There's also a currently underway renovation to this blog's design by Wink, but all I have to do is look at what he comes up with and tell him what I think. With a real life person working on our house, I have to talk to him about what he's doing and run and drive him to the hardware store when he needs stuff, since he gets dropped off by his wife.)

3. I'm spending far more time than usual wrangling three crazy kids due to having nowhere immediate to go and no immediate deadline to meet. I think I need to go to campus if I want to work, but that feels weird during a break.



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