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Sleeping Kids

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Sam's posted some pictures of the kids sleeping last night. Ethan had decided to use the rug in his room as a blanket. Isaiah often ends up in his closet on a sleeping bag. He's there right now. One night I found him on a chair in his room that doesn't have enough room for a kid his size to lie down on, so he was all crouched up in a ball. Last night he went to a common favorite of his, fully under the bed so that we'd have to move the bed aside a great deal if we wanted to put him on top of it. I'm not sure why he detests sleeping in his bed so much. He usually brings a pillow with him under the bed. I'm not sure what possessed him to sleep with his head directly on the floor. Ethan at least usually ends up on his bed, but he insists on taking until he's well past tired before doing so. I put him to bed at 7:00 before I went out tonight. He's still up with his light on, and he turned it on within a minute of my turning it off after I came home maybe 10 minutes ago.

Update: more from the next night


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I got my final grades submitted with 40 minutes to spare and nearly three hours of sleep. Now all I have to do until Monday is prepare my syllabus, put up a link in the online section of my course to an online reading once the library puts the reading up, and make a handout on accessing online materials. Compared to the stacks of grading I've had sitting on my desk for about two weeks, that seems like nothing, even though it might take a couple hours.



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