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Brush With Celebrity

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I was walking home tonight from a talk on campus, and I saw a crowd coming out of the community center on the corner of my street, and as I cut through their parking lot to get to my street I was sort of cutting through the crowd. I saw a few people dressed pretty formally as I went by, which seemed strange to me for people coming out of a community center event, and I saw the guy I'd just passed by being led as if the guy leading him was something like a bodyguard to keep people at a distance. As I was moving away, I looked back and got a good look at his face. It was Ralph Nader, who I'd just heard was in town and was about to speak on campus tonight. I guess he had just finished a talk at the community center. I'm not sure I would have connected his face with who he really was if I hadn't just been talking about him. I'm sure I would have thought he looked really familiar, but Ralph Nader isn't exactly the sort of person I'd expect to see on my own street. Well, there he was, and I was probably only a few feet from him.

Touching Base

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I just wanted to check in and say that I'm still here. The comments have been fairly active over the weekend, and that was exhausting. I was also very sick Sunday night and all day yesterday, completely unrelated to last week's sickness. I spent almost the entire day yesterday grading to get an exam back to my class last night, and I had to teach for three hours in the evening while unable to stand more than a few minutes at a time. Then I had to teach again today, and I was scrambling from 5-6 pm last night to be prepared for class and then again this morning for today's mid-day class. So that's why I haven't been posting much of anything for a few days. I've been wiped out with little energy to think about something for long enough to write more than what it takes to respond to comments, because all my concentration has been reserved for grading and then class prep. Now I've got a little leeway before Thursday, but I'm going to be out this evening, so I'm not posting anything substantial today. I just wanted to touch base and report that I've got some stuff I'm working on.

I'm most of the way done with my second post in the commentary reviews series, giving a one or two paragraph review of each of the major commentary series. I've got something I wrote up halfway about punishment, torture, and whether we should delight in the suffering of those who deserve punishment. I've also got a post already worked out in my mind about Roman Catholicism, the Galatian heresy, and what Protestants should think about those who follow official Vatican teachings. I've got my next two posts in my affirmative action series already planned out, and I realized some very interesting problems that open theism raises that I don't think most open theists want to admit. I've also got a post for Prosblogion pretty much planned out on the problem of foreknowledge and free will that will follow up on my recent post there.

I do expect to do my usual Wednesday roundup tomorrow, and I hope maybe one of these other posts will be done by then. I'll almost assuredly be able to spend an hour of uninterrupted time writing during my office hours Thursday evening, unless of all things one of my students actually decides to show up for office hours. There's plenty of stuff I'm working on. I just need to get some time to write it up without distractions and while I can pick my head up enough to focus. Since I seem to be getting mostly better, I expect at least a few substantial posts to be done before the end of the week. I just haven't been able to focus on anything for very long in the last few days.



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