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Thankful for Sam

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I try to do something a little different in landmark posts. Sam likes to do Thankful Thursdays on her blog, listing some things she's thankful for and encouraging others to do the same in her comments. I've decided to use my 925th post to list some things about her that I'm really glad for. There are many other reasons why I consider her an incredible blessing, but I wanted to list ten that come to mind at the moment.

Thanksgiving Pictures

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Yes, know Thanksgiving was a long time ago, but somehow we never got to developing them until just before Christmas, and then they forgot to include the disc in the package, so I had to leave it with them again to get the electronic pictures. I picked it up last week during my heavy grading and didn't get around to posting any pictures during that time and then forgot about it afterward. So here they are. There were a bunch of other pictures of adults, but I'm guessing people in some of them probably wouldn't like themselves portrayed that way on the internet. Oh, and this is post #900 for those who aren't counting (which I hope is anyone reading this). We're now in the home stretch to #1000.

Well, we can start off with the firstborn. To the left, Ethan is doing one of his favorite things: playing with his VeggieTales videos. Don't ask what he's doing with them. He likes to hold them up against each other and compare them. Perhaps he thinks he's using them as symbols for something else. I don't know. We can't figure it out, and he doesn't talk about his inner life. Next is some weird reindeer hat his aunties made him wear at the mall. This one appears because Sam insisted. To the right is Ethan wearing his grandpa's glasses. He loves to wear glasses and to put glasses on stuffed animals, particularly his duck. Of course, the aforementioned trip to the mall was the last time we saw that duck, so we had to get him a new one. After a month without it, he was willing to accept the closest thing I could find to it, even though he knew it wasn't the same duck.



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