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Robert Hewitt Wolfe developed one of Gene Roddenberry's original ideas in the series Andromeda. It wasn't a perfect show, but it was intelligent in many ways. I liked the show a lot in the first year and a half of its existence. Then the producers fired Wolfe out of the false belief that ongoing storylines couldn't draw an audience (which subsequent years in TV have disproved pretty thoroughly). The second half of the second season had the same writing team without Wolfe, and it wasn't up to the same quality but was clearly the same show with some of the same feel and interest. But then they hired former Twin Peaks writer Bob Engels to take over as head writer for the third season. The show got worse and worse as time went on. I never got around to watching the second half of the final season.

But Robert Hewitt Wolfe apparently kept watching, because he's written a document (officially no more than fan fiction for legal purposes) that gives some sense of what he would have done with the show had it continued. It's not told from the perspective of a writer detailing where the show would have gone, however. It's written up as a script that basically treats what happened in the show as a possible future that the Trance Gemini character was exploring, and she reveals a good deal about what her race really is, what their purposes are, what she's been up to all along, and one possible future that at least would have gotten some play had Wolfe remained on. It's not clear what he would have had be the actual future, but maybe we never would have seen it anyway.

In all, it's a very interesting read for those who liked the show under Wolfe who were disappointed with the direction it took.



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