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Star Trek XI

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TrekToday announces that plans are underway for an 11th Star Trek film. They're saying it will include Kirk and Spock in their days at Starfleet Academy and their first mission together. I don't know what to think about it except that I'm glad that Rick Berman seems to be completely out of the loop [Update: Berman's noninvolvement has now been confirmed]. The producers of Lost are involved, and since I've never seen that show I have no idea if that's a good thing. This could be very teenybopperish, ala Roswell, so I hope they think carefully about how to make it something the fans will actually like. The premise doesn't sound all that thrilling so far, and they're going to need to work hard to avoid some of the criticism Enterprise gathered due to things they did that seemed to change the past rather than anticipate what we already knew (though the fourth season entirely made up and then some for anything they did along those lines in the first three seasons). I'll watch it, of course, because it's Star Trek, but I'm going to need to see a good deal more that sounds remotely interesting if I'm going to get really excited about it. I am glad that they haven't abandoned this franchise in the film venue, as CBS seems to be forcing them to do in the TV medium. I just hope they don't flub it. It is, after all, odd-numbered, and no odd-numbered movie in this franchise has been better than any even-numbered movie. If they stick with the trend, this will at best be middle of the pack, right between Insurrection (the best odd one) and Nemesis (the worst even one). It would be nice if they could actually break that trend sometime.

Update: Abrams says the report isn't entirely accurate, but he isn't confirming or denying anything in particular.



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