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Captain's Quarters reviews the new Hitchhikers movie. This is one I definitely want to see. Of course, I said that about Spiderman 2, and that ended up being a DVD viewing for us.

I didn't know Douglas Adams had written the script. It's not common that an author who's been dead for years is the author of the script for a new movie based on his books, so I guess I can be excused for assuming he hadn't written it. I'm usually more of a purist, but if the author himself approves the changes because of what the film medium requires I suppose I can give him that right. I'm sure it could never lead to anything as radical as the vast character changes in the Lord of the Rings films if Adams is behind the changes (and it's not as if changing something from this series is as grievous a moral error as changing the moral character of someone from Tolkien).

Anyway, it looks fun, even if it won't be fun in exactly the same ways the first first four books were. (I say that with hesitation, because even the fourth was marginally fun, paving the way for the fifth one that everyone says not to bother reading, which advise I gladly heeded if I had the assurances that it was much worse than the fourth.)

Green Eggs and Spoo

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Ethan's getting really into Dr. Seuss, and Green Eggs and Ham is one of his current favorites. In searching for some Babylon 5 stuff, I ran across this, which contains the text of a long-lost Dr. Seuss work. If you don't know B5, this will not be funny.



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