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New Holy Observer

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The latest edition of The Holy Observer came out on Christmas. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. My favorite story of the current issue is Pentecostal Man's Glossolalia Echos [sic] NBA Rosters. I actually know someone who deliberately faked tongues to get some glossolalia evangelists off his back. Also, check out the Demons and Deacons advertisement on the main page.

I'm Batman

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Which member of the JLA are you?


Losing his parents to a tragic mugging, Bruce Wayne took a vow to wage a one man war on crime. Using the image of the bat to strike fear into criminals, he dons the guise of the Dark Knight after the sun sets. A genius detective and scientist he is a valuable member to the League even without powers

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Hand Pulls Groin

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Some headlines, upon immediate viewing, reveal that one of the following was true. The writer was either being intentionally funny or not paying close attention to what the headline actually says. I have no idea which one this was. Hat tip: Texan Tattler.

Return of the King Trailer

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For those who haven't seen it yet, there's a long trailer for the extended edition of The Return of the King at the Quicktime site. It looks good. 50 minutes of new stuff: Saruman meets his revisionist end, the Mouth of Sauron, the Houses of Healing, more on Aragorn, the Army of the Dead, and the Corsairs of Pelargir, and lots more character development and new CGI stuff.

Update: I was going to say one more thing, that I hope they've fixed the pacing and timing problems with the battle of Minas Tirith. As I was typing that, I decided I should link to my review of the problems in Peter Jackson's portrayal of these books, and I discovered Syracuse Unversity had taken my old website down. Apparently it's now fixed, and it wasn't just my site but a number of others too, but that led me to post my whole review in the blog post that had originally linked to it. So there we are. The pacing problems are just one of many issues I had with Jackson's take on Tolkien's story, but that may be something they could have fixed in this (but probably didn't).



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