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Are you Addicted to the Internet?

52% (41% - 60%)
You seem to have a healthy balance in your life when it comes to the internet and life away from the computer. You know enough to do what you want online without looking like an idiot (most of the time). You even have your own Yahoo club or online journal! But you enjoy seeing your friends and going out to enjoy life away from your computer.

The Are you Addicted to the Internet? Quiz at Quiz Me!

From Rebbeca Writes

  • My #1 result for the selector, Christian Denomination Selector, is Reformed Baptist

    For analysis and further results, continue reading.

  • HASH(0x8aae8c0)
    You speak eloquently and have seemingly read every book ever published. You are a fountain of endless (sometimes useless) knowledge, and never fail to impress at a party. What people love: You can answer almost any question people ask, and have thus been nicknamed Jeeves. What people hate: You constantly correct their grammar and insult their paperbacks.

    What Kind of Elitist Are You?
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    I think I might have had this one as my runner-up:

    Urgent Hoax Warning!

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    Someone I know and trust fairly well through the Kerry Livgren and Kansas internet circles (I think we even got married the same day or maybe a week apart or something) sent this:

    I hate those hoax warnings, but this one is important! Send this warning to EVERYONE on your E=mail list immediately. If someone comes to your front door saying they are conducting a survey and asks you to take your clothes off, DO NOT DO IT!!! This is a scam; they only want to see you naked. I wish I'd gotten this warning yesterday. I feel so stupid and cheap now ........

    Stargate Atlantis, the spinoff of my favorite currently-running TV series,
    Stargate SG-1, made its debut last Friday. Check out the review at Back of the Envelope for more details. I'm excited about two hours of Stargate every Friday night. The new show looks really good so far and will easily be one of my favorite three shows (depending on how Enterprise does with the change of show-runner in the fall; it's been #2 on my list this season).

    Also, be sure to update your blogroll if you have a link to Donald's blog, because it's moved.



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