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What kind of things do people say behind your back?


People tend to call you "scary" or "deadly".

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This one's actually true. A friend of mine knew someone who called me the scary philosophy T.A.

Which one is your strongest Multiple Intelligence?


Has superb ability in performing, composing, or analyzing music. Knows how to play more than just "Rock and Soul" on the piano. Has a good sense of what sounds right vs. what sounds stupid.

Personality Test Results

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This is a little surpising, not that it's strong but that it's my strongest. Whoever wrote the title of the test doesn't understand that the mulitiple intelligences are different kinds of intelligence. It's not as if each is a multiple intelligence. I can't figure out how the questions had much to do with the results. Only one question was about music. (found via Proverbial Wife)

Digitus, Finger & Co. gives the following argument (with premises number and steps made more explicit and step 5 added for rigor):

1. Girls = Time x Money (premise)
2. Time = Money (premise)
3. Girls = Money x Money or, Money2 (1, 2 identity substitution)
4. Money = √evil (premise)
5. Money2= evil (4, squaring both sides of an identity yields a identity)
6. Girls = evil (3, 5 transititivity of identity)

�2004 Neil Uchitel

I think my argument for God's being outside time was at least as good:

Myers-Briggs Stuff

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I frequently get people visiting my site when searching for personality type information on Google. It might be good to have some actual content on that now and then instead of just the link in the sidebar to Keirsey's book that I'm reading.

Here's a good collection of Myers Briggs links.

Bloginality keeps track of how many people of each Myers Briggs type have taken the test on their site. As of this writing, there are some real disparities:

This is excellent. I found links to it this morning on both InstaPundit and Josh Claybourn within minutes of each other, so I'm giving credit to both.

Update (June 2006): That page has been dead for quite a while, but I found a new location for it.

The only book which doesn't take place in Narnia at all, per se, you're the story of a voyage to find the end of the world and hopefully the Seven Lost Lords (remember Rhoop!). You contain some of the most unique people and places and beautiful descriptions of the whole series.

Find out which Chronicles of Narnia book you are.

from Proverbial Wife.



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