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I want my rubber ducky!
Volo anaticulum cumminosam meam!
"I want my rubber ducky!"
Okay, so you're a little childish. You know how to
have a good time.

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What the Pork?

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Battle Imp

Who's your battle imp?
Backstabbing: 9
Dodgin': 10
Guts: 2
Magic Mojo: 10
Smackdown: 4

Will your battle imp beat Parableman's?
Enter your name and fight.

Also check out the imp at Spare Change and the imp at What in Tarnation?!?!? A die roll gets added to each of your stats to decide the battle, so try again if your imp fails!

I'm not sure I even knew about this character. Apparently he was Linus' little brother, added later in the strip. I even changed two of my answers and still came up with him, so I guess this is accurate.

You are Rerun!

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