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Native American Offense

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La Shawn posts the results of a new survey on whether Native Americans are offended by the name of the Washington Redskins. I'd like to know the numbers on how many are offended by the term 'Native Americans', since almost every single Native American I have known prefers to be called Indian. Maybe that offends people from India or of Indian descent, but that just shows the complicated waters politically correct sailor must navigate. (I suggest that it can't really be done.)

According to the poll, 90% of Native Americans said the team's name is acceptable, and 9% considered it offensive. What was interesting to me was that the percentage considering it offensive goes up at higher levels of education. Here are more details on the breakdown:

PETA hires Jack Chick

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And the most humorous post of the week award goes to Joe Carter for drawing some amazing parallels between PETA's tactics of late and those of Jack Chick, the kind of evangelist you might think up to describe how not to spread the faith (except he really did all the things you'd advise people not to do).

This sounds like good fodder for The Holy Observer.



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