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The Punisher

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Fringe reviews the Punisher movie, the latest in a hopefully long line of successful Marvel Comics films, though in this case it's unfortunately not so faithful to some of the basic originality of the character or what's distinctive about the moral perspective on violence that we tend to find in comic books.

Christian Carnival XIII

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This may have been the earliest posting of the Christian Carnival in its history (at, and I've been out all day and haven't had a chance to look at anything until now. Let's see what we've got.

My post on intermarriage is in there.

Some young guy in the UK names Andrew Guilder has a reference to Yes keyboardist extraordinaire Rick Wakeman's new special on the BBC about British attitudes about Easter. The title is "Jesus Who?" This story from before it aired says far more about it than the link Guilder gave. I'd be interested in seeing it, but I doubt I'll ever get the chance. There are two problems overdetermining his failing to get a link from me. First, he called Wakeman "this old rock star guy Rick Wakeman". Keep in mind that the guy he's calling "this old rock star guy" is probably second only to Keith Emerson among keyboard legends and a real musical hero of mine. That's a real insult to anyone who knows the history of rock music. Second, he uses Xanga, which has no permanent links, and the relevant entry isn't even on his front page anymore with no way to link directly to it. I had to search for it myself. So much for getting publicity from me. I'm not merely being petty. I wouldn't know how to link to it properly if I wanted to.

As usual, ireneQ has some funny and thoughtful comments, this time about prayer and the annoying things we do when we pray. She keeps saying all sorts of things I've long thought, but I always thought I shouldn't say them. It's nice to see them out there.

Mr. Standfast, a blog completely new to me, blogs about when to conceal knowlege. Hmm?

There's other stuff too, including some good reflections on Easter that for some reason struck me as old hat and of last week simply because Easter is past. Isn't that awful? Why should the resurrection of the Son of God get dated simply because the day we single out to emphasize it more than other days is done?

Muslim Hate Crimes

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File this one under "Extremely Misleading Headlines" (via Volokh). The London Times ran a story about hate crimes, including data about how many people of different religious backgrounds were the victims. The headline ran "Muslims are main victims of hate crime". Once you read the story, you realize that 10 of 18 victims over three years were Muslim, but 6 of those 10 Muslim victims were attacked by fellow Muslims. The headline is literally true, but it gives the impression that other groups are targeting Muslims, when most of the Muslims were attacked by Muslims themselves. Did they intend casual reader to conclude something from the headline that the story itself doesn't support?



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