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This is part four of the list of commentaries I recommend. The series starts here. This is a selection of commentaries that have not yet been published that I expect may well be worthy of being in my recommendations. For a longer list of forthcoming commentaries, see this post. I've tried to indicate what level I expect each to be, but some series have no volumes out yet, and others can vary in level of detail, so it's a little hard to predict this in some cases.

This is part three of a four-part list of commentary recommendations. Part one is here. Now I want to list what I take to be the best scholarly commentaries. Not all of these are evangelical, so evangelicals will first want to have some ability to sift through them for what's valuable, and many of them assume some knowledge of the original languages, though you can sort of follow most of them without that. (I don't know Hebrew, for instance, but I read commentaries on the Old Testament from this list all the time.) This list is especially subjective according to the judgment of one person (who still has read lots of reviews and either possesses or has library access to many of these volumes), but these are the ones I think would be most valuable to someone who had to write a research paper in Bible school or seminary or to give the best background information and exegetical help to a pastor with good training.

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