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Having ranted about how people use "Both/And" too often and inappropriately, I am now going to play the "Both/And" card myself. ;)

In regards to the question, "What happens to people in Hell?" the traditional answer is that they are in eternal conscious suffering and the non-traditional answer (or at least the one that I care about for this discussion) is that they are annihilated (possibly after suffering some finite period of suffering).

I would like to raise the possibility that the answer is "Both/And". I should here note that I do not (yet) believe that that is the actual answer. Rather, I want to show that "Both/And" is a viable option as (contrary to all appearances) the two positions are not mutually exclusive.


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Frequently I am involved in theological discussions where two concepts are in tension. (The classic example is "Free Will vs Predestination".) More often than not, one person in the conversation will say something along the lines of "It's Both/And, not Either/Or". If such a Both/And seems like a logical contradiction, then the contradiction is "solved" by invoking the mystery or transcendence or omnipotence of God. This annoys me to no end.

Adrian's Simple Gospel

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Adrian has posted the Simple Gospel, the Gospel message broken down into 10 simple points designed to be understood by young children. He drew some criticism in the comments about it being too simplistic--it leaves out one important theme or another. That seems completely forgivable to me; this is the simple 10 point gospel after all. If you wanted to be exhaustive about the gospel, the people listening to your gospel presentation would have to have a lot of spare time on their hands, and you would need a lot more than 10 points.



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