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Wright on the Resurrection

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N.T. Wright's latest book The Resurrection of the Son of God, which I have but haven't had a chance to look at much, has been getting great reviews (see Craig Blomberg's for one example). I heard him present an early version of some of this along with his more general work on the authenticity of the synoptic accounts of Jesus' life a few years ago, and I'd never heard anything like it. As much as I disagree with him in a few places theologically, I'm impressed by his apologetical work. He's apparently worked the most fundamental arguments of the book into a series of three talks entitle Christian Origins and the Resurrection of Jesus, which are now all online. They are: The Resurrection of Jesus as a Historical Problem, Early Traditions and the Origins of Christianity, and The Resurrection and the Postmodern Dilemma. Thanks to NT Gateway for the links.



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