Individual Topical Sermons (September 2012-present)

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Trinity Fellowship sermons typically work through books or sections of books at a time. Occasionally there will be a topical series, which list as separate series. But individual sermons do occur, usually between series or on special days (most frequently Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, Reformation Sunday, Christmas, and New Years).

This list of sermons contains topical sermons preached since the Spring 2012 topical series on Marriage, Singleness, and Parenting (until the next topical series, which is still undetermined). I will continue to update it as new topical sermons are scheduled and preached.

The four sermons from June 23-July 14, 2013 were included in the introduction and preaching schedule for the 2013 summer epistles series.

1. II Cor 6:1-14 Labor (Jeremy Jackson) 9-2-12
2. II Peter 1:16-21 The Nature of Scripture (Bernie Elliot) 10-28-12 (Reformation Sunday Pulpit Exchange)
3. John 2:1-12 (Stefan Matzal) 10-28-12 (preached at Missio Church)
4. John 1 Christmas (Nathaniel Jackson) 12-23-12
5. Psalm 89 On Not Accusing God (Jeremy Jackson) 12-30-12
6. Genesis 3:19-24; John 11:17-44 Death: An Unacceptable Reality (Nathaniel Jackson) 4-7-13
7. Romans 1:16-2:3; 2:17-24; 3:9-12; 3:19-25a Homosexuality & the Righteousness of God (Stefan Matzal) 6-23-13
8. John 4:7-25; John 8:2-11; Luke 7:36-50; Jude 17-23 Homosexuality and Personal Relationships (Nathaniel Jackson) 6-30-13
9. John 17:20-23 Bear with one another (Jeremy Jackson) 7-7-13
10. I Thessalonians 5.1-11; Hebrews 3:6-14 Exhort one another (Stefan Matzal) 7-14-13
11. Psalm 19:1-11 Reformation Sunday Pulpit Exchange (Robert F. Gates) 10-27-13
12. Romans 1:16-17 The Reformation Storm (Nathaniel Jackson) 10-27-13 (preached at Lafayette Alliance Church)
12. Luke 1:36-45 The mother of my Lord has come to me! (Stefan Matzal) 12-22-13
13. Psalm 23 (Nathaniel Jackson) 12-29-13
14. Genesis 1:26-28 Psalm 8:3-5 Set Apart by God (Nathaniel Jackson) 1-19-14 (Sanctity of Human Life Sunday)
15. II Corinthians 4:7-5:10 (Jordan Stinziano) 3-1-14 (Late Winter Retreat)
16. II Corinthians 5:11-21 Mission (Jordan Stinziano) 3-1-14 (Late Winter Retreat)
17. Ephesians 1:3-14 The grace of God (John Hartung) 7-27-14
18. Undergirding the Work of the Reformation by Prayer (Richard Dickinson) 10-26-14
19. The Just Shall Live By Faith (Jeremy Jackson) 10-26-14 (preached at Cazenovia Village Baptist Church)
20. How to Read the Bible Like a Protestant [no audio: PDF(Stefan Matzal) 10-31-14 (preached at Messiah's Church) 
21. Isaiah 9:6 Unto us a Son is given (Nathaniel Jackson) 12-21-14
22. Philippians 3:7-16 (Jeremy Jackson) 12-28-14

Blog posts related to these sermons:

1. The Owl's Swiveling Head and the Woodpecker's Hammering Head 6-30-13 (related to 6-23-13 sermon)
2. On Persistence When Studying the Bible 10-29-14 (related to 10-31-14 talk)
3. Reading and Interpreting the Bible: An Annotated Bibliography 10-31-14 (related to 10-31-14 talk)

For more sermons, see here.

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