Mark sermons (1978)

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These are the very first Trinity Fellowship sermons. There was no introduction/preaching schedule for this unit of preaching. Only two of these sermons were recorded, and the tape library didn't begin as a weekly occurrence until later in 1978. There is no record of what the last two sermons covered.

1. Mark 1:1-20 Trinity Fellowship (Jeremy Jackson) 2-5-78 [not taped]
2. Mark 3:7-35 The Will of God: God's Good Will (Jeremy Jackson) 2-12-78 [not taped]
3. Mark 4 Principles from the parable (Al Gurley) 2-19-78 [not taped]
4. Mark 5:1-6:47 Temptations Jesus faced in ministry (Doug Weeks) 2-26-78 [not taped]
5. Mark 9:1-8 The Transfiguration (Jeremy Jackson) 3-5-78
6. Mark 11:12-25 The Fig Tree, Brought a Judgement (Jeremy Jackson) 3-12-78
7. ? (Al Gurley) 3-19-78 [Palm Sunday, not taped]
8. ? (Doug Weeks) 3-26-78 [Easter Sunday, not taped]

For a more comprehensive and systematic study of Mark, see the 1992-1994 sermons herehere, and here.

For more sermons, see here.

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