Luke sermons (1980)

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The first time through the gospel of Luke, the elders seem to have wanted to cover material across the book at a rate of about one sermon for every two chapters. Some of the sermons covered most of the two chapters, and some selected a smaller portion within the two-chapter range. According to the introduction to the fifth sermon by Jeremy Jackson, one of the criteria for selection was to focus on passages that cover material not covered in other gospel sermons before this point (i.e. from the 1978 Mark series, the 1979 John series, and various topical sermons before this point). Al Gurley explained in the introduction to the twelfth sermon why he broke from this two-chapter-per-sermon pattern at the last minute and preached a Palm Sunday sermon, putting off chapters 23-24 until the Easter sermon by Doug Weeks. There was no introduction/preaching schedule for this unit on Luke.

1. Luke 1; 2:22-38 Preparing for His Coming (Doug Weeks) 1-13-80
2. Luke 4:1-30 The Temptations: their meaning (Jeremy Jackson) 1-20-80
3. Luke 5; Romans 8:1-17 God's Power (Al Gurley) 1-27-80
4. Luke 7:36-50 Forgiveness (Doug Weeks) 2-3-80
5. Luke 10:25-42 Loving God and Neighbor (Jeremy Jackson) 2-10-80
6, Luke 11:37-44;12:1-34 Things to be Aware of (Al Gurley) 2-17-80
7. Luke 13:1-5 Repentance: teaching and discussion (Doug Weeks) 2-24-80 [included congregational sharing, which has been excised]
8. Luke 16:14-31 Contrasts: Dives & Lazarus (Jeremy Jackson) 3-2-80
9. Luke 17-18 The Kingdom and the King (Al Gurley) 3-9-80
10. Luke 19:1-27 Taking Risks for God (Doug Weeks) 3-16-80
11. Luke 21:5-36 Jesus on the Last Things (Jeremy Jackson) 3-23-80
12. Luke 19:28-46; II Kings 9:1-13 Jesus' Kingship (Al Gurley) 3-30-80 [Palm Sunday]
13. Luke 24:5b,13-33 Why seek the living among the dead? (Doug Weeks) 4-6-80 [Easter Sunday]

For a more comprehensive treatment of the Gospel of Luke, see the sermons from 1998-2002 on chapters 1-89-1415-20, and 20-24.

For more sermons, see here.

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