Luke sermons: The distinctives and uniqueness of Christ (1984)

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There was no preaching schedule for this series. This series originally started out with the intention of being about perhaps a dozen particular character/personality sketches in the gospel of Luke (explained in the opening comments of the first sermon in the series, by Al Gurley). However, it eventually became a series on the distinctives and uniqueness of Christ. In the third sermon, Jeremy Jackson explained how he came to this different theme and described it as focusing on people's interactions with Jesus that show a separation between his mind and their minds. In the fourth sermon, Al Gurley described it as looking at the kinds of things Jesus did that were very distinctive, unique inputs he's given us that are very challenging and radical. In the sixth sermon, Jeremy Jackson describes it as the ways our Lord makes plain the difference between the mind of God and the mind of man. They also attempted to cover mostly passages not covered in the 1980 series on Luke, which had also tried to cover the entire book in large scope, leaving out much of it in the process.

1. Luke 1:5-25 Elisabeth and Zechariah (Al Gurley) 1-15-84
2. Luke 1:26-56 Mary and the Child (Rick Wellman) 1-22-84
3. Luke 2:39-52 Family of Man, Family of God (Jeremy Jackson) 1-29-84
4. Luke 7:24-35 Illustration of no win absurdity (Al Gurley) 2-5-84
5. Luke 8:26-39 Fear of Freedom (Rick Erickson) 2-12-84
6. Luke 9:22,44,57-62 The Necessity of Suffering (Jeremy Jackson) 2-19-84
7. Luke 10:1-12,17-24 The Dignity, Authority, and the Glory of Service: the Characteristics of Christ's Messengers (Al Gurley) 2-26-84
8. Luke 11:1-13 The Place of Prayer (Jeremy Jackson) 3-4-84
9. Luke 12:49-53 The Great Gospel Divide (Al Gurley) 3-11-84
10. Luke 14:35c-15:32 Final Choices (Jeremy Jackson) 3-18-84
11. Luke 16:1-18 Difficult Sayings (Ed Van Cott) 3-25-84
12. Luke 20:19-26,41-47 Levels of Authority (Jeremy Jackson) 4-1-84
13. Luke 21:1-30 Endtime Perspectives (Al Gurley) 4-8-84
14. Luke 19:36-48 Knowing the Time (Rick Wellman) 4-15-84
15. Luke 23:55-24:52 Christ of the Emmaus Road (Jeremy Jackson) 4-22-84

For a more comprehensive treatment of the Gospel of Luke, see the sermons from 1998-2002 on chapters 1-89-1415-20, and 20-24.

For more sermons, see here.

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