Judges sermons (1979)

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There was no introduction/preaching schedule for this unit of preaching. Note that the third and fourth sermons are out of sequence, due to Doug Weeks having to postpone the 7-22-79 sermon. A topical sermon (not appearing in this list) was preached in its place, and Doug's sermon on Deborah and Barak, which he had already prepared, came two weeks later, with Jeremy Jackson's sermon on Gideon coming first.

1. Judges 1:1-2:10 Knowing the Work of the Lord (Jeremy Jackson) 7-8-79
2. Judges 2:11-3:6 Cycle of Apostacy and Deliverance (Al Gurley) 7-15-79
3. Judges 6:1-8:28 Gideon: the ordering of God's purposes (Jeremy Jackson) 7-29-79
4. Judges 3:7-5:31 God's dealing with his people (Doug Weeks) 8-5-79
5. Judges 9 Abimelech (Al Gurley) 8-12-79
6. Judges 10:6-11:40 Jephthah: vowing a vow (Doug Weeks) 8-19-79
7. Judges 13-16 Samson: God's Strategies (Jeremy Jackson) 8-26-79
8. Judges 17-18 Micah and the Danites: Our Susceptibility to Satan's Subtlety (Al Gurley) 9-2-79
9. Judges 19-20 Benjamin, Israel, and Response to Sin (Doug Weeks) 9-9-79
10. Judges 21 Reconciliation (Jeremy Jackson) 9-16-79

Judges 1-9 was covered again in 2000.
Judges 10-21 was covered again in 2001.

For more sermons, see here.

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