John 1-12,18-21 sermons (1983)

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There was no introduction/preaching schedule for this unit on John. They covered at least part of every chapter except chapters 13-17, which is the meatiest teaching section of this gospel and most easily forms a stand-alone unit. At the time, the elders expected to cover those chapters in the near future, perhaps even in the gospel teaching of 1984, according to Al Gurley's introduction to the twelfth sermon in this series. As it turned out, they didn't return to John until 1988, when they initiated a four-year study covering the book comprehensively, and that series didn't get to those chapters until 1990. They had been covered four years prior to this series, however, in 1979.

1. John 1 Jesus: the Eternal God (Doug Weeks) 1-2-83
2. John 2:1-3:21 Reality of the Unseen (Jeremy Jackson) 1-9-83
3. John 3:22-36 Profile of a Prophet: John the Baptist (Al Gurley) 1-16-83
4. John 4:1-42 What kind of Savior is Jesus? (Doug Weeks) 1-23-83
5. John 5:1-18; 6:1-15 Why do people reject Jesus? (Jeremy Jackson) 1-30-83
6. John 7:1-18,28-29,33-34,37-44 Jesus, the Great Thirst Quencher (Al Gurley) 2-6-83
7. John 8 How the Son Sets us Free (Doug Weeks) 2-13-83
8. John 9 He who follows Me will not walk in darkness (Jeremy Jackson) 2-20-83
9. John 10:1-16,27-29 Characteristics of True and False Shepherds (Al Gurley) 2-27-83
10. John 11:5-57 Christ, the Prince of Life (Doug Weeks) 3-6-83
11. John 11:55-12:50 Sir, we would see Jesus (Jeremy Jackson) 3-13-83
12. John 18:1-19:16 The Greatest Trial on Earth (Al Gurley) 3-20-83
13. John 19:17-42 The Uplifted Savior (Doug Weeks) 3-27-83
14. John 20 Sin and the Resurrection (Jeremy Jackson) 4-3-83
15. John 21 Peter: His Commmission (Al Gurley) 4-10-83

For a more comprehensive set of sermons on John, you can look to either the series that ran from 1988-1991 (see hereherehere  and here) or the series from 2003-2007 (see herehereherehere, and here).

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