Romans 9-16 sermons

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There was no preaching schedule/introduction for this unit.

1. Romans 9:1-29 The Will and Character of God (Jeremy Jackson) 4-24-83
2. Romans 9:30-10:21 Two Ways of Righteousness (Al Gurley) 5-1-83
3. Romans 11 God's Severity and God's Kindness (Doug Weeks) 5-8-83
4. Romans 12 Holiness and the Wholeness of Love (Jeremy Jackson) 5-15-83
5. Romans 13 The Christian and the State (Al Gurley) 5-29-83
7. Romans 14:1-15:6 Receiving and Accepting Christians with Different Convictions (Doug Weeks) 6-5-83
8. Romans 15:7-33 The Priestly Service of the Gospel (Jeremy Jackson) 6-12-83
9. Romans 16 The Christian Hall of 'Unfame' (Al Gurley) 6-19-83

Jeremy Jackson taught through the entire book of Romans in Bible studies in 1987-1989. See here
John Mickelsen preached on Romans 11:32-12:2 in 1992. See the topical sermons here.
Doug Weeks preached on Romans 15:18-24 in 1994. See the topical series here.

For more sermons, see here.

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