Genesis 37-50 sermons

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There were no introduction/preaching schedules for the sermons on Genesis.

1. Genesis 37 Family Disorder's Tragic Consequences (Doug Weeks) 9-25-83 
2. Genesis 38 Christ in Judah (Jeremy Jackson) 10-2-83
3. Genesis 39 The Anatomy of Seduction (Al Gurley) 10-9-83
4. Genesis 40-41 (Doug Weeks) 10-16-83 [tape missing]
5. Genesis 42 Grain in Egypt (Jeremy Jackson) 10-23-83
6. Genesis 43 Second Visit to Egypt: Problems of unconfessed sin (Al Gurley) 11-6-83
7. Genesis 44 A Time of Revelation and Rejoicing (Ed Van Cott) 11-13-83
8. Genesis 45 (Al Gurley) 11-20-83
9. Genesis 46 Be Thou My Vision (Jeremy Jackson?) 11-27-83 [tape missing]
10. Genesis 47 (Bill Finch) 12-4-83
11. Genesis 48 God's Plans for Continuity (Jeremy Jackson) 12-11-83
12. Genesis 49:1-27 Jacob's prophecies to his sons (Al Gurley) 12-18-83
13. Genesis 49:28-50:26 Provision for Posterity (Ed Van Cott) 1-1-84

For the missing sermons, I generally recommend the sermon collection at the Gospel Coalition website, which has high standards for what it includes, although for one sermon I would recommend a sermon elsewhere (from someone whose sermons the Gospel Coalition does usually include, but this one is more recent).

On chapter 40, I especially recommend Dale Ralph Davis' sermon at the Gospel Coalition site.

On chapter 41, I recommend a sermon by Iain Duguid, which can be found here (preached on 10/23/2011, in case that helps locate it more easily).

On chapter 46, I recommend the Kent Hughes sermon at the Gospel Coalition site. (The Dale Ralph Davis sermon there does not cover the entirety of ch.36, and some of the others there cover longer sections than just ch.46.)

For more sermons, see here.

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