Exodus 25-40 sermons

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The introduction and preaching schedule for this part of the book is here. (This is the first such preaching schedule the elders produced.)

1. Exodus 25-31 The meaning of the Tabernacle (a): God is with you (Doug Weeks) 9-28-86
2. Exodus 25-31 The meaning of the Tabernacle (b): God is glorious in majesty (Jeremy Jackson) 10-5-86
3. Exodus 25-31 The meaning of the Tabernacle (c): Sacrifice -- God's criterion for approach (Bill Finch) 10-12-86
4. Exodus 28 The meaning of the Priesthood (a): the Vestments (Doug Weeks) 10-19-86
5. Exodus 29 The meaning of the Priesthood (b): the Consecration (Al Gurley) 11-2-86
6. Exodus 32:1-14 The need for the Tabernacle (a): Rebellion (Doug Weeks) 11-9-86
7. Exodus 32:15-33 The need for the Tabernacle (b): Confrontation (Jeremy Jackson) 11-16-86
8. Exodus 33:1-16 The need for the Tabernacle (c): Israel in the balance (Al Gurley) 11-23-86
9. Exodus 33:17-34:10 The need for the Tabernacle (d): God's character revealed (Jeremy Jackson) 11-30-86
10. Exodus 34:11-35 The need for the Tabernacle (e): Covenant renewal (Doug Weeks) 12-7-86
11. Exodus 39:32-43 Building the Tabernacle (a): Skills and talents (Ed Van Cott) 12-14-86
12. Exodus 35:4-9,20-29;36:3-7 Building the Tabernacle (b): Material gifts and obligations (Doug Weeks) 12-21-86
13. Exodus 40 Building the Tabernacle (c): The blessing of the finished work (Jeremy Jackson) 12-28-86

Jeremy Jackson also preached on Exodus 33:12-16 earlier in 1986. See the topical series here.

For more sermons, see here.

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