Acts 13-14 sermons (1978)

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There was no introduction/preaching schedule for this unit of preaching, and the tape library began after this series was completed. None of these sermons were recorded, but I am putting a post up for it for the sake of having as much information as I can gather about sermons preached.

1. Acts 13:1-4 The Spirit of Witness (Jeremy Jackson) 5-14-78
2. Acts 13:1-12 Spiritual Strategy (Jeremy Jackson) 5-21-78
3. Acts 13:13-43 Continuing in the Grace of God (Jeremy Jackson) 5-28-78
4. Acts 13:42-52 Results of Continuing (Al Gurley) 6-4-78
5. Acts 14:1-18 Witnessing in pagan culture (Doug Weeks) 6-11-78
6. Acts 14:19-28 Establishing new believers (Doug Weeks) 6-18-78

Acts 13-14 were preached on again in 1988 by Doug Weeks, Rick Wellman, and Jeremy Jackson. See the Acts 13-19 series.

For more sermons, see here.

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