Basic Overview of the Christian Life: topical sermon series

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Trinity Fellowship sermons typically work through books or sections of books at a time. Occasionally there will be a topical series. This one is unique in being the only one in the history of Trinity Fellowship that occurred instead of a series from a gospel, and for that reason the elders chose to lead up to Easter in this series with three sermons from the end of Mark's gospel, which would have come up in 1986 ordinarily. There is no outline/introduction to this series. 

1. Doctrine of the Christian Life (Al Gurley) 1-12-86
2. Ephesians 5:15-6:4 The Christian Family (Doug Weeks) 1-19-86 [had three short drop-outs; one is now audible but noisy]
3. I Samuel 1 Children (Jeremy Jackson) 1-26-86 [Sanctity of Human Life Sunday]
4. II Corinthians 8 Possessions & Stewardship (Bill Finch) 2-2-86
5. Corporate Worship (Doug Weeks) 2-9-86
6. Exodus 33:12-16 Corporate Leadership (Jeremy Jackson) 2-16-86
7. John 15:1-12 Corporate Action (Al Gurley) 2-23-86
8. Hebrews 11:1-2; I Thessalonians 5:1ff. Living by Faith (Jeremy Jackson) 3-2-86
9. John 8:31-38 Living in Freedom (Jeremy Jackson) 3-9-86
10. Mark 14:26-42 Accepting the cost: Gethsemane (Al Gurley) 3-16-86
11. Mark 15 Paying the price: Calvary (Doug Weeks) 3-23-86
12. Mark 16 Receiving the reward: Resurrection (Jeremy Jackson) 3-30-86
13. Acts 1:3-11 Life to come: ascension (Rick Wellman) 4-6-86
14. I Corinthians 15 Mission (Gary Pasquarell) 4-13-86
15. Mark 6:30-44 (Lionel Avila) 4-20-86

 For more sermons, see here.

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