Eschatology sermons

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Trinity Fellowship sermons typically work through books or sections of books at a time. Occasionally there will be a topical series during a break between books. This particular topical series covered eschatology, the doctrine of the end times. There is no outline/introduction to this series.

1. II Peter 1:16-21 I Kings 16:29-17.24 The Prophetic Word Made More Sure (Jeremy Jackson) 7-19-81
2. Matthew 24:32-25:13 Readiness: Eagerly Awaiting (Al Gurley) 7-26-81
3. Romans 5:1-11 How to Endure Tribulation (Doug Weeks) 8-2-81
4 Revelation 18 Babylon: the Marks of Unbelief (Jeremy Jackson) 8-9-81
5. Matthew 24 Signs of the Endtime (Jim Pitcher) 8-16-81
6. Revelation 13 Counterfeit Trinity: Satan's Substitute (Al Gurley) 8-23-81
7. Matthew 24:32-44 Last Days' Time (Jeremy Jackson) 8-30-81
8. Revelation 21 The Bride of Christ (Bill Finch) 9-6-81

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