Topical Sermons: Lord's Prayer, Holy Spirit, Encouragement

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Trinity Fellowship sermons typically work through books or sections of books at a time. Occasionally there will be a topical series. This one appears to have been a collection of three brief, independent, ad hoc sub-series, on the themes of the Lord's Prayer, the Holy Spirit, and encouragement. There is no outline/introduction to this series.

1. Matthew 6:9-10 Luke 11:2 Lord's Prayer I (Doug Weeks) 4-9-89
2. Matthew 6:11-13 Lord's Prayer II (Jeremy Jackson) 4-16-89
3. The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament & New Testament (Jeremy Jackson) 4-23-89
4. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Jeremy Jackson) 4-30-89
5. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially tongues (Jeremy Jackson) 5-7-89
6. Psalm 46 Encouragement I: Finding Safety in a Scary God (Doug Weeks) 5-14-89
7. Matt 5:38-48 Encouragement II: Difficult People in Our Lives (Doug Weeks) 5-21-89
8. Encouragement III: You Are Your Most Difficult Person: Anger (Doug Weeks) 5-28-89 [cut off after about 18 minutes]
9. Encouragement IV: You Are Your Most Difficult Person: Fear, Pleasure, Guilt (Doug Weeks) 6-4-89

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