Isaiah 13-27 sermons (1984)

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There was no introduction and sermon schedule for this part of the book.

1. Isaiah 13-14 Judgement on the Conquerors (Ed Van Cott) 7-8-84
2. Isaiah 15-16 Condemnation, then Compassion, on Moab (Doug Weeks, Louise "Mom" Lynip) 7-15-84
3. Isaiah 17-18 Make no Provision for the Flesh (Jeremy Jackson) 7-22-84
4. Isaiah 19-20 In Frightening Times Fear the Lord (Doug Weeks) 7-29-84
5. Isaiah 21 Prophecies of Babylon, Edom and Arabia (Al Gurley) 8-5-84
6. Isaiah 22 (Bill Finch) 8-12-84
7. Isaiah 23 Oracle concerning Tyre (Al Gurley) 8-19-84
8. Isaiah 24 (Rick Erickson) 8-26-84
9. Isaiah 25:1-27:1 The Reproach of God's People (Jeremy Jackson) 9-2-84
10. Isaiah 27:2-13 Climax of God's Judgement and Grace (Al Gurley) 9-9-84

The Gospel Coalition has several options for filling in the ch.24 gap. By reputation alone, I recommend Liam Goligher, although I have not listened to that particular sermon. This section of the book will be covered again in the fall of 2014. I will put a link here to that series once it begins.

See also the 2014 sermons on this same section.

For more sermons, see here.

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