Topical Sermons Oct-Dec 1997

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Trinity Fellowship sermons typically work through books or sections of books at a time. Occasionally there will be a topical series, which I am listing as separate series. But individual sermons do occur, usually between series or on special days (most frequently Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, Reformation Sunday, Christmas, and New Years).

This short list consists of the topical sermons delivered between the Being Distinctively Christian series in the summer of 1997 and the Final Destinies series in the spring of 1998.

1. Ephesians 2:9-11 Reformation Sunday Pulpit Exchange (Jim Stone) 10-26-97
2. Matthew 1:18-25 Luke 2:22-33 The Major Prophets in New Testament Perspective (Jeremy Jackson) 12-14-97 
3. Joseph Was a Righteous Man (Bill Greenman) 12-21-97
4. Psalm 57 Humility, Trust, Praise, Trial (Doug Weeks) 12-28-97

For more sermons, see here.

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