Topical Sermons April 2005-Oct 2007

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Trinity Fellowship sermons typically work through books or sections of books at a time. Occasionally there will be a topical series, which I am listing as separate series. But individual sermons do occur, usually between series or on special days (most frequently Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, Reformation Sunday, Christmas, and New Years).

This list consists of topical sermons delivered between the Apostle's Creed series, which ended in December 2004, and the Ten Commandments series that began in April 2008.

11. John 3:16a Giving (Bill Greenman) 4-23-06
12. Spiritual Leadership (Jeff Adams) 5-14-06
13. Fellowship weekend: The Church in China (Doug Weeks) 8-20-06
14. Reformation Sunday Pulpit Exchange: Likewise Chosen (Richard Robinson) 10-22-06
15. Christmas (Jeremy Jackson) 12-24-06
16. Ephesians 3:14-20 (Doug Weeks) 12-31-06
17. Luke 1:5-45 Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (Gary VanRiper) 1-21-07
18. Luke 9:18-27 (Carlton Walker) 4-29-07
19. Titus 2:11-14 (Doug Weeks) 8-5-07
20. Luke 16:19-31 The Reality of Hell (Jonathan Bailey) 10-28-07 [recorded, awaiting permission]

For more sermons, see here.

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