Revelation 6-16 sermons

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The introduction and preaching schedule for this section of Revelation is here.

Normally, Trinity Fellowship preaches from the gospels in the winter, historical books in the spring, epistles in the summer, and prophets in the fall. The elders decided to preach the first section of Revelation during the summer, so this is the first Revelation series to be listed under Prophets.

1. Revelation 6 The opening of the seals (Jeremy Jackson) 9-10-00
2. Revelation 7 The one-hundred and forty-four thousand (Jeremy Jackson) 9-17-00
3. Revelation 8 The seventh seal and the first four trumpets (Jeremy Jackson) 9-24-00
4. Revelation 9 Trumpets of Woe (Doug Weeks) 10-1-00
5. Revelation 10 The little scroll (Jeremy Jackson) 10-8-00
6. Revelation 11:1-13 One-thousand two-hundred and sixty days (Jeremy Jackson) 10-15-00
7. Revelation 11:14-19 The seventh trumpet (Doug Weeks) 10-22-00
8. Revelation 12:1-17 War in Heaven (Jeremy Jackson) 11-5-00
9. Revelation 13:1-10 The coming of the Beast (Doug Weeks) 11-12-00
10. Revelation 13:11-18 The worship of the Beast (Jeremy Jackson) 11-19-00
11. Revelation 14:1-13 The coming of the Lamb (Jeremy Jackson) 11-26-00
12. Revelation 14:14-20 The wrath of God (Doug Weeks) 12-3-00
13. Revelation 15 The Song of Moses and the Song of the Lamb (Jeremy Jackson) 12-10-00
14. Revelation 16 The seven bowls (Doug Weeks) 12-17-00

For more sermons, see here.

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