Luke 20:45-24:53 sermons

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The introduction and preaching schedule for this section of the book is here.

1. Luke 20:45-21:9 "Noble stones and offerings" (Jeremy Jackson) 1-6-02
2. Luke 21:10-24 "By endurance ... gain your lives" (Doug Weeks) 1-13-02
3. Luke 21:25-38 "My words will not pass away" (Jeremy Jackson) 1-20-02
4. Luke 22:1-2,7-20 "I have desired to eat of this Passover" (Doug Weeks) 1-27-02
5. Luke 22:3-6,21-27 "I am among you as one who serves" (Jeremy Jackson) 2-3-02
6. Luke 22:28-38 "I have prayed that your faith ... not fail" (Doug Weeks) 2-10-02
7. Luke 22:39-53 "This is your hour ... darkness"  (Jeremy Jackson) 2-17-02
8. Luke 22:54-71 "The cock crowed ... Prophesy!"  (Jeremy Jackson) 2-24-02
9. Luke 23:1-16 "He made no answer"  (Jeremy Jackson) 3-3-02
10. Luke 23:18-31 "Jesus he delivered up to their will" (Doug Weeks) 3-10-02
11. Luke 23:32-43 "This is the King of the Jews" (Jeremy Jackson) 3-17-02
12. Luke 23:44-56a "Father, into Thy hands ... my spirit" (Jeremy Jackson) 3-24-02
13. Luke 23:56b-24:12 "Seek the living among the dead?" Jeremy Jackson) [Easter]  3-31-02
14. Luke 24:13-35 The stranger on the road to Emmaus (Doug Weeks) 4-7-02
15. Luke 24:36-53 "You are witnesses of these things" (Stefan Matzal) 4-14-02

Two sermons from this section of Luke occurred in the 1980 Luke series.
Four sermons from this section of Luke occurred in the 1984 Luke series on the Distinctives and Uniqueness of Christ.
Three sermons from this section of Luke occurred in the 1987 Questions in the Gospel of Luke series.

For more sermons, see here.

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