Judges 1-9 sermons

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The introduction and preaching schedule for this section of Judges is here.

1. Judges 1 "I have given the Land into his hand" (Jeremy Jackson) 5-7-00
2. Judges 2:1-10 "I will not drive them out before you" (Jeremy Jackson) 5-14-00
3. Judges 2:11-3:6 "Another generation ... did not know the LORD" (Doug Weeks) 5-21-00
4. Judges 3:7-31 "The anger of the LORD was kindled" (Doug Weeks) 5-28-00
5. Judges 4 "Israel cried to the LORD for help" (Stefan Matzal) 6-4-00 [no audio]
6. Judges 5 "The mountains quaked before the LORD" (Jeremy Jackson) 6-11-00
7. Judges 6:1-24 "Lord, how can I deliver Israel?" (Doug Weeks) 6-18-00
8. Judges 6:25-40 "Pull down the altar of Baal" (Jeremy Jackson) 6-25-00
9. Judges 7:1-15 "The LORD has given ... Midian into your hand" (Jeremy Jackson) 7-2-00
10. Judges 7:16-8:3 "For the LORD and for Gideon!" (Doug Weeks) 7-9-00
11. Judges 8:4-28 "Gideon made an ephod ... a snare" (Jeremy Jackson) 7-16-00
12. Judges 8:29-9:21 "Israel did not remember the LORD their God" (Jeremy Jackson) 7-23-00
13. Judges 9:22-57 "An upper millstone ... crushed his skull" (Jeremy Jackson) 7-30-00

This book was previously covered in sermons in 1979

The tape for the Judges 4 sermon seems to have been erased somehow. I'm still working on putting the 1979 Judges sermons online, but you could listen to the 8-5-79 sermon by Doug Weeks on Judges 3:7-5:31: God's dealing with his people. That sermon covers chapter 4, even if it doesn't have the closer focus of the missing sermon on ch.4 alone. For that, you could listen to Dale Ralph Davis' sermon on Judges 4, which can be found here (preached on 12/3/2006, in case that helps locate it more quickly).

For more sermons, see here.

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