II Samuel 2-10,22 sermons

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The preaching schedule for this section of the Samuel sermons is here.

The last four chapters of II Samuel are an appendix to the entire book of Samuel. Chapter 22 is a psalm associated with the period of David's monarchy covered in chapters 2-10, so the elders decided to cover that during this series rather than during the longer series of sermons to come the following year on chapters 11-21,23-24. 

1. II Samuel 2 "The house of Judah followed David" (Jeremy Jackson) 4-30-06
2. II Samuel 3:1-30 "David grew stronger ... Saul ... weaker" (Jeremy Jackson) 5-7-06
3. II Samuel 3:31-4:12 "The LORD requite the evildoer" (Stefan Matzal) 5-21-06
4. II Samuel 5 "The LORD, the God of Hosts, was with him" (John Hartung) 5-28-06
5. II Samuel 6 "The Ark of the LORD came into the city" (Jeremy Jackson) 6-4-06
6. II Samuel 7 "Your throne shall be established forever" (Jeremy Jackson) 6-11-06
7. II Samuel 8 "The LORD gave victory to David" (Stefan Matzal) 6-18-06
8. II Samuel 9 "Kindness for Jonathan's sake" (Jeremy Jackson) 6-25-06
9. II Samuel 10 "The Ammonites ... had become odious to David" (Jeremy Jackson) 7-2-06
10. II Samuel 22 "I will extol Thee, O LORD, among the nations" (Stefan Matzal) 7-9-06

The third sermon in this series gave rise to a short note by Stefan Matzal in the journal Vetus Testamentum 63, 3 (2012) 462-464, entitled "A Word Play in 2 Sam 4".

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