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This is a rare series of topical sermons at Trinity Fellowship, during a break between finishing the minor prophets and whatever we do next during our fall prophet teaching slot. The introduction and preaching schedule for this series is here. It includes lengthier descriptions of the individual sermons than is usually the case.

1. Being a Christian II Peter 1:3-11 (Stefan Matzal) 11-7-10
2. Shaping the mind Ezra 7:1-10 (Jeremy Jackson) 11-14-10
3. Forming the heart (Stefan Matzal) 11-21-10
4. Self-control and the body (Nathaniel Jackson) 11-28-10
5. Means of grace (Jeremy Jackson) 12-5-10
6. Good words and works (Stefan Matzal) 12-12-10

For more sermons, see here.


A topical sermon series! Egads!!


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