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I've filled in the last missing sermon from I Peter.

The two big gaps in John are awaiting the digitized files I'm getting from another member of the congregation. I've digitized the rest of Samuel, the complete book of Jeremiah, and two-thirds of Ezekiel. I'm working on Ruth right now, and then I'll finish Ezekiel before going on to Joshua, Daniel, II Thessalonians, Titus, and Luke. There's one more topical series digitized that I haven't posted yet (on the church), and there are another two still to be digitized (one on what comes after death and another that isn't a coherent unified topic but a selection of various topical sermons).

That almost exhausts the tapes I've currently got. I've got some of the sermons on Revelation, but I need to locate the rest. They're not all where they're supposed to be. I've got the tapes for Judges, but the first sermon is missing, so I'm going to try to see if I can find that one before I begin digitizing the rest. It's not as if I have nothing else I can do first.

Update: I've also added a Habakkuk sermon from 2002 to the 2009 series of minor prophets that included Habakkuk, and I've added one of the two missing sermons from the John 18-21 series.

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