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I've added today's sermon on Matthew 25:31-46, which was the last one to be added to the Matthew 20:29-25:46 sermons.This thereby completes that set. We'll pick up with ch.26 in January, so that's as far as we're getting in Matthew for a while.

I need to get the units on Samuel and Kings posted, because we're moving into our third unit on Kings next, starting with II Kings 11. The sermons on I Samuel 1-12 are already posted, but I Samuel 13-19 still need to be digitized. I think we've got all of I Samuel 20-II Kings 10.

In the meantime, you can expect sermons on Ephesians and Jeremiah to appear in the near future. Those are all digitized and just need to be posted. I'm hoping to receive digital copies of the missing units on John soon, also. Someone in the congregation had digitized those for his own use, and he's found them for me but hasn't yet gotten them into my hands.

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