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I've been using Dropbox to host the sermon files I'm putting online. I'm starting to run out of space, but they increase your disk space if you can get others to sign up under you as a referral.

This is a great site for storing files online that you can then access from another computer, and you can use it to share your files with certain people but not make public, or you can generate public links, as I'm doing with the sermon files, if you prefer that. If you sign up as a referral, you immediately get your first bonus as if you had referred someone, so it's better to sign up as a referral than otherwise.

So if you would find such a site useful, please sign up and install the software, and it will increase my disk space and allow me to store more sermons there. (Or you could even do it just to help me out, if you're so inclined!) The link above should give the referral to me.


You might try box.net for your sermons. They have a public folder in it, and while it isn't as good as dropbox for everyday stuff; it is good as a public hosting mechanism. They are also bigger than dropbox -- 5 GB if I recall.

I'm using Dropbox because we were already using box.net for distributing the latest sermons to the congregation, and I concluded after exploring it for a while that it's pretty useless for what I want to do. You have to log in to the site and then upload or download each file individually. You can't drag and drop large numbers of them, as you can with Dropbox, and you can't put in a direct link to the actual MP3 files to organize them as I've done here.

Dropbox actually has the potential of getting up to 8 GB anyway. I'm at 3.5 GB now, but each referral increases it by 250 MB. I think that means I need ten more referrals to get to the maximum (and I got two today; I was at 3 GB when I posted this). So if you can get the referrals, Dropbox might be better for space purposes anyway.

Yeah, with my dropbox I'm up to 9.5 gigs and it has long proved to be one of the best options for syncing files and having access to them wherever.

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